"As a ict-company that specifically and exclusively targets on the industry for
flowers, plants and accessories Uniware is continuously involved in a great number of
horticultural projects."
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Withe the FloraConnect concept we can fill in every piece of the ICT-puzzle for our customers

The FloraConnect concept 
Every “piece of the puzzle” has its own place in the entity. Sometimes a piece is a puzzle in itself. Sometimes you stare at it for hours without seeing the solution, sometimes you suddenly put a large number of pieces in the right place. It gets easier if you frequently make the same puzzle. Uniware has made the puzzle for the flower and plant industry often. We know all the pieces and often we put them in the right place quickly.

The center of the puzzle is often the hardest. Where do you start? Usually, therefore, it starts with the edges and corner pieces, and the inside gets done later on. Fortunately, the picture of how it should be is so obvious to us that we often dare to start with the inside.

First the hard work, then the edges as the finishing touch.

For the development of our software we have chosen the same strategy. First create a clear picture of what it should be. Then develop and build the interior, the engine of the solution. Finally there is the added exterior.

With flora2000, our ERP package, the biggest part of the puzzle is filled in quickly.
With floraconnect, the edges are filled in. A modern web interface and a thought through messaging structure finish the whole thing.

And anyone who dares to take on the puzzle with us will confirm, the final result provides a nice picture.