"As a ict-company that specifically and exclusively targets on the industry for
flowers, plants and accessories Uniware is continuously involved in a great number of
horticultural projects."
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The basic package flora2000, in the industry known as F2, is composed of a fixed number of general modules, and a variable number of standard modules.
This variable number of modules is chosen from the wide range of standard modules available, and can support virtually every aspect of the trade in flowers and plants.

Depending on the functionality desired by the user, access to these modules can be set by Uniware.

Below are some examples of standard configurations for the trade in flowers, plants, accessories, or a combination thereof:
  • wholesale / export
  • commission
  • cash & carry
  • bouquettery
  • purchasing and / or distribution center for shops and supermarkets
  • purchasing and / or distribution center for garden centers
  • purchasing and / or distribution center for accessories with warehouse management
  • purchasing and / or distribution center for exporters
  • online mobile sales system for exporters
  • online offer / quote / order system for growers
  • online labelsysteem for growers
  • online / realtime webshop for all listed categories
Often one or more of these configurations are supplemented with additional modules to achieve the optimal configuration for an application.

The modules will me continually updated to the latest circumstances. These adjustments may include technical issues (new technologies, changed operating systems, etc.), but may also include changed views on the use of the package. The experiences of the user play a major role.
These adjustments are available for all users, based on the standard maintenance contract.

The basic package can be extended with supporting programs and if necessary with customized modules.

Standard modules

The range of standard modules of flora2000 is starting to get a respectable length. Uniware follows the following strategy for the development of these modules:

By being constantly involved in the daily practice of our customers wishes, ideas and trends are identified. Minor changes are directly implemented in the standard modules, bigger changes are planned.

Larger functional changes are often housed in separate modules.

If a customer thinks that the development of such larger changes should be given priority, such a project can be performed entirely or partially custom.
The costs will be determined in consultation and are partly dependent on the usability of these modules by our other customers.

Customized adjustments offer our acquaintances, alongside the ability to influence the planning, the privilege to be the First to use it.
Subsequently, these modules will be available for our other customers at a normal commercial rate.

Exclusive customized work, under the flora2000 concept, is not available from Uniware!


Flora2000 contains a comprehensive set of parameters that can tailor the package to the user.

These parameters are used to control access within a specific module, but also many things that can affect all users can be set.

For example, it can be indicated whether the package is set for flowers, plants or both, whether there is sold from stock or on order, but also there can be made detailed instructions on how prices, invoices and quotations should be handled.

Some of the parameters can be set by the application manager himself.

Besides things that are set for all users of the system, there are several possible settings for specific users. These settings can also be maintained by the user himself.


Flora2000 is protected against unintentional use at various levels.

First there is the usual guard at system level, and if the system is part of a network also on network level. This shielding is provided by the operating system and can be set by the administrator.

Application-level data security is provided by the application administrator.
After Uniware activates the for the company available modules, the application administrator can indicate which users have access to certain modules. This may at any time be changed by the application administrator.

It is also possible to create different levels of users. For example, internal users are generally allowed to see more than those who are connected from outside of the system.

If users from the outside (internet) are granted access to the system, security measures can be additionally extended. Firewalls and dynamically created access codes are examples.

Supporting software

There are a number of supportive programs available for flora 2000, that can perform tasks for flora2000 without requiring any action of the user.

Daemon2000 ensures the execution of certain activities for flora2000 on an optimal time, without the user having to give an explicit mandate, and without hindering the user.

Sys2000 coordinates matters concerning system management, and sends the status of the system to the Uniware servers.

The Com2000 communication daemon can independently handle communication and fax tasks without user intervention.

Linking with other packages

flora2000 can be linked with several other packages.

These links can be realized in different ways.

The online link, as for example used for the webshop of FloraConnect or for the x2000 financial package of Uniware, ensures that data is processed directly into the databases of the two packages.

The offline or batch link is often used in links where the user wants to have control over the exchange of information.

The semi-offline link is similar to the offline link, however the actions required from the user are being performed by a program or script. (e.g. sysa2000)

There are various ways the data can be packaged. Virtually every method, (plain-txt, CSV, XLS, DBF, ACSII, HTML, EDI, XML etc.) can be found somewhere in flora2000.

The standard links to auctions, suppliers, CBS, BGB, Florinet, FLorecom etc. are supported.
Besides that, standard links with Financial software exist, such as Exact.

Links to the internet, for example up to date product information or maintaining ordering systems, can also be realized from flora2000.